#1 Jazz Guitar Chord Chart

Congratulations, your search for a practical and complete jazz guitar chord chart is over.

#1 Jazz Guitar Chord Chart is the most well-designed and extensive chord bible you can find on the internet. Best of all, this printable PDF eBook is completely FREE for you to download.

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Use this free eBook to:

  • Learn chords fast.
  • Master your basic shapes.
  • Explore cool voicings.
  • Have fun while you are learning!

Quick Start Guides; Learn Chords FAST and EASY

You might be overwhelmed with all the chords you need to learn. Don’t be.

Included in this eBook:

  • Top 10 Easy Jazz Guitar Chords
  • Top 5 Colorful Jazz Guitar Chords

Get a head start now with these handy guides; they are your quickest and easiest pathway for improving your chordal chops.

#1 Jazz Guitar Chord Chart from pickupjazz.com

Included in this eBook:

  • Extensive index of chords.
  • Top 10 Easy Jazz Guitar Chords.
  • Top 5 Colorful Jazz Guitar Chords.
  • Chord Theory Explained.
  • 16 Pages of high quality instructional material.

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