John Scofield Clinic | Interview

I’m a big fan of John Scofield.

This blog post is my opportunity to share insights and inspiration from a recent masterclass I checked out of John’s in NYC. Kudos to NYU for presenting this amazing opportunity to learn all about John’s rich musical history and his thoughts on jazz. I give all credit to NYU and David Schroeder for this post and I encourage you to check out the NYU Youtube Page and attend future interview sessions.

John Scofield Clinic

John Scofield Clinic: What Did I Learn?

Bigger than facts or quotes I picked up, the things I gained most from this masterclass were my feelings of inspiration and a deeper appreciation of John as a musician and as a human being. To have the opportunity to see one of my all time musical heroes was an incredible opportunity.

Scofield Quotes

Here are two of my favorite quotes from the clinic:

On musicians imitating him

“I’m happy that they (young guitarists) know what I sound like… that means they know that I exist. Therefore I am. I gotta say, I immediately think: why would anybody want to sound like me because I hear the rough edges in my own playing and things i wouldn’t want to do.”

On Jaco Pastorius

“He would come up and say, ‘You know what I’m the best bass player in the world.’ What? You’d think what an ***hole, then he would play and you would say, Oh man I think he’s right. And it wasn’t just chops it was musicality and just playing the instrument in a whole different way.”

The Interview

I edited the audio of the clinic into specific topics for you, check them out below!

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