How to Play Minor Arpeggios on Guitar

Welcome to your quick and easy online guide to playing minor arpeggios on jazz guitar.

Other jazz guitar websites methodically go through each and every possible chord shape. In the real world, many of those arpeggios aren’t practical to play so I decided to focus on the most practical and useful arpeggios to immediately improve your playing. If you can think of any good ones I missed feel free to comment below.

How to use these Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

I will firstly show a couple of multi-octave arpeggios that span the guitar neck then secondly some single octave shapes. All of these shapes can be transposed to any key easily by hovering the white circled note on your chosen root.

Thanks for stopping by, let’s get to the arpeggios!

Minor Multi-Octave Arpeggios

These arpeggios span the whole neck and are closely related to you chord shapes. The white circle is your chosen root note, numbers indicate which finger to use.



Single-Octave Arpeggios









Thanks for checking out this lesson, please feel free to leave a comment below with any suggestions or questions you may have.

~ Sam Blakelock |


  1. Elpis Wagbe says

    Just a heads-up…I see “Apreggio” in first subheading. Just a typo. I don’t mean to be a grammar Nazi; sorry. xD.

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